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Recording will take place at our Studio. We use an isolation room for recording individual parts, as well as a live room where the whole band can be recorded together. An engineer is included for all of our recording sessions.


All recordings are mixed and mastered in our isolated and professionally treated monitoring room. Mastering is performed to fit your genre and style. We will give your tracks a unique and cohesive sonic texture that showcases your music and lets your song stand out as an outstanding personal expression.


Our studio is equipped to handle your Internet and Streaming services distribution. Our independent record label can release your single or album on the timeline that you select. All in studio recordings come with our distribution service when you choice to Mix and Master with us as well.

At Tempus Studio we strive to create a unique and creative atmosphere. From comfortable gathering areas to professionally treated recording rooms, we aim to bring out the very best in our artists. Our specialty is listening to our artist's vision and helping them cultivate and grow that vision into a professional recording; ready to be distributed and enjoyed by fans and soon to be fans alike.  


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Jonathan is a highly creative and skilled producer. He works closely with his artists to help them cultivate their message, understand their emotion, and help them execute that vision. With his background in production and engineering from Full Sail University and his breadth of knowledge he has the expertise to work with various artists and bands and help them craft their sound. He has valued time and exposure with some of the renowned greats in the industry including a master engineering class with the legendary Grammy winner Alan Parsons. 



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Our studio is open 7 days a week:

Contact us for hours of operation and availability. We work to accommodate all kinds of schedules.

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